Oxford Summer School

A Little Book of Fabrics

Monday 5th August 2024 for 3 days — Cost: £180

Tutor: Caroline Marriott

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This workshop developed from an idea to put all the little samples I have tucked away in boxes into one place where I can refer to them easily and also produce a lovely ‘little book of fabrics’.

I ended up making quite a few books and became interested in the different ways I could put my pages together.

There will be lots of samples of styles of books and we will start by considering the size of the book and making some backgrounds to work on.

We will look at several techniques to decorate your pages.

There are many ways to transfer an image from paper to fabric and we will try 3 of them. Using tissue paper and stitch, using Bondaweb and using prepared fabric through a printer. Students may also experiment using a gel medium.

The results will vary depending on the paper/ photo/magazine you take your image from.

Students should bring photocopies of pictures and photos they wish to use.

We will look at the variety of effects you can get when you use different methods of collaging fabrics and papers to your pages.

Students will print onto fabrics using wood blocks and also look at ways of making printing blocks of their own. We will also use stencils.

Students should bring the following:

  • Sewing kit
  • Fabric scissors
  • Little pieces of your favourite fabrics
  • Any memorabilia you would like to include in your book
  • Photos or images
  • Sewing machine if you wish
  • Cutting board and craft knife

The tutor will bring lots of additional material and other items needed which students may use.

Materials costs to students:

£3 per person.