Oxford Summer School

Chinese Brush Painting, “The Way of the Brush”

Tuesday 6th August 2024 for 2 days — Cost: £120

Tutor: Jean M Turton

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During these two days we will be exploring the two main areas of Chinese composition, natural subjects and landscape.

Day 1: Flower and Bird

The traditional Chinese title for natural subjects, which includes all animals

We will start the day by acquainting ourselves with the traditional Chinese equipment of ink stone, ink stick, different brushes and papers, and use the different bushes to practice the strokes that we will use to for the rest of the day.

We will be using the moku or freestyle brush to build a variety of compositions around the theme of summer and to paint flowers, birds, fish or animals in a variety of settings.

Day 2: Landscape

Taking old Chinese masters as our inspiration, such as Shen Zhou we will work on building a traditional landscape. In the morning we will start by practising the main elements of rocks, used to paint mountains, water and trees. We will also look at adding elements to our landscapes; structures such as a high pagoda, a boat, a bridge or even a figure walking into the landscape. In the afternoon we will be putting all these elements together to produce a traditional composition.

Please bring;

  • Newspaper or piece of pale coloured blanket (square metre-ish)
  • Watercolour paints, cheap tubes are better than expensive pans
  • Flat plate for mixing paints and ink
  • Water jar
  • Any Chinese equipment you may have.
    Please don’t buy anything from such shops as ‘The Works‘ or ‘Range’ as these are made for the tourist market.

The tutor will supply these items:

  • Brushes: sheep, wolf and fine line
  • Xuan and Mulberry paper
  • Ink

Materials Cost:

£20-25 per person.