Oxford Summer School

Collage and Stitch Like a Wild Beast

Wednesday 7th August 2024 for 3 days — Cost: £180

Tutor: Richard Box

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Les Fauves (The Wild Beasts) is the name given to some early 20th century artists because their paintings were surprisingly colourful. This course is for all of you who admire these artists and would like to use to use their paintings as inspiration to make a fabric collage picture in Richard’s well known method, which includes both machine and hand embroidery, in a wildly expressively manner with bright and bold colours.

At the start of the course you will be guided through a mini ‘ Wild Beast ‘project in the form of 'Learning Pack' which Richard has designed for you. Plans, patterns and materials will be provided free of charge in this Learning Pack. This will empower you to start interpreting your own ideas with the materials you bring with you.


  • A reproduction of one or two paintings by a ‘Fauve‘ artist to act your inspiration and interpretation
  • A sheet of tracing or greaseproof paper
  • A 2B pencil
  • Two pairs of scissors - for paper - for fabric
  • A small jar of adhesive (PVA is best) and a small brush for the adhesive
  • One square metre (approx) of firm fabric such as hessian in any colour
  • Lots of small scraps of all kinds of fabric sorted in reds, pinks, yellows, oranges, blues, purples, greens, browns, greys, whites, blacks and multicoloured
  • An electric sewing machine with which you are familiar and which drops or covers the 'feed', does zig-zag stitch and has a darning foot. PLEASE NOTE: the darning foot is crucial. Please ensure that you have practised with it before the course, so that you will be comfortable doing free machine embroidery
  • 90 or 100 sized sewing machine needles
  • Machine sewing and, if you have them, machine embroidery threads in the same range of colours as above
  • All kinds of yarns and threads in your possession
  • A large-eyed, sharp pointed needle (e.g. a 'yarn darner')