Oxford Summer School

Drawing DAISIES with the Sewing Machine

Saturday 10th August 2024 for 1 day — Cost: £60

Tutor: Richard Box

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Do you want to develop your skills with your sewing machine and learn how to 'draw' with the simple straight stitch? Then this is your course!

You will stitch a design of daisies that Richard, your tutor, has prepared for you. He will demonstrate every stage step by step. This will give you the confidence and the understanding necessary to empower you to start and develop your own design for other subjects and designs when you get home.

Some experience with using the 'darning foot', which allows you to stitch freely in any direction is important. Try practising, even a little, beforehand, so that you are confident with it and excited about its amazing possibilities.

Materials to Bring

  • A sewing machine you know well. It must be able to 'drop' or 'cover' its feed and have a darning foot
  • Sewing machine needles – sizes ranging from 75 to 90 or even 100
  • A variety of machine sewing and machine embroidery threads in the following colours: greens, white, pale blue, pink, metallic silver, yellow and metallic gold (and threads of all kinds – cottons, polyesters, rayons, etc – bring whatever you have)
  • Some coloured pencils
  • An embroidery hoop (approximately 9" diameter)
  • About half a metre of white cotton/polyester sheeting
  • A pair of sharp scissors