Oxford Summer School


Tuesday 6th August 2024 for 2 days — Cost: £120

Tutor: Christine Green

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Kawandi quilts are made by people of African origins living in Western India (Siddis). They are entirely handstitched and unlike any other patchwork technique they are constructed from the outside edge and work inwards towards the centre using a continuous spiralling running stitch to hold the patches in place.

The course will introduce you to this mindful, unique technique and you can decide what you would like to make your finished panel into, bag, cushion, table runner or mat, or the start of something bigger. Traditionally the Siddis made quilts so you might like to start something that you can continue to work on at home – it is a slightly addictive technique!

Materials to Bring

  • Backing - this could be a piece of old sheet, pillow case or calico, any 100% cotton fabric, you won’t see any of it from the front, it needs to be the size - or a bit bigger than the finished item
  • Thinnest wadding – the size depends on what you are planning to make, it needs to be size of finished panel
  • Selection of scraps and off cuts of non stretchy cotton fabrics, a mix of small and large patterns, plains, stripes and checks. This is a great way of using up scraps of fabric. Rough size guide - playing card, postcard or strips between 5-10cms wide
  • Pins
  • Needle - an embroidery needle works well
  • Thread for quilting, cotton perle is a good weight - can be coloured or white or variegated
  • Possibly a thimble