Oxford Summer School

Life Drawing: Experimental and Expressive

Wednesday 7th August 2024 for 3 days — Cost: £180

Tutor: Ella Clocksin

This course has limited places

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A tutored three-day life drawing course, working live from a professional (unclothed) model.

You’ll increase your understanding of basic patterns of the body as a useful foundation for more playful and adventurous drawing processes in a wider variety of drawing media and processes.

You’ll be guided in working at different angles to the model from long/short, still/moving poses, progressing from observation to more expansive and expressive work.

It’s an adventurous course, as you move back and forth between guided exercises and more independent work, loosening up and gaining confidence with increasing feeling and expression in your life figures. with mood/emotion hinted at through stance and gesture.

The course is suitable for artists with some prior experience who enjoy an experimental approach both to drawing and the figure, who treat everything as part of the journey, and who have an openness about final outcomes. It’s not essential to take the ‘Basics’ course, 5-6 August, beforehand, though you might find it useful if you are new to life drawing.

Additional Fee

£35 for model over the two days. Please bring correct cash on first day of the course.

Materials to Bring

  • Drawing paper (light cartridge etc), A2 to A1, or buy A1 sheets from tutor
  • Drawing board to fit your paper. This can be a sheet of foam board, sturdy card from back of a paper pad, MDF, plywood etc. Tutor has a few A2 and A1 boards to buy or borrow
  • Large bulldog clips to hold paper on board
  • Scissors
  • A supply of ‘willow' charcoal in a couple of different thickness (not extra thin). Minimum 4 sticks
  • 2 black Sharpies or felt pens, thick and thin
  • A stick of white chalk (children's or blackboard chalk is ideal)
  • Cheap plastic eraser (not putty), pencil sharpener and ‘firm hold’ hairspray to fix charcoal
  • From what you already have, bring a selection (not all) of other greyscale or colour drawing pens, felt pens, crayons, chalks, compressed charcoal, chunky graphite, oil pastels, Conté or Aquagraf etc.
  • Small pot or stick of glue
  • Masking tape
  • Optional: a few strong/deep colours of watercolour or ink. You’d be using them as fluid drawing media, not for full colour ‘finished’ paintings
  • If using inks/watercolours, bring two plastic water pots, rags/paper towel, two different width brushes and a large white palette or saucers
  • Optional: A portable free-standing folding easel