Oxford Summer School

Stained Glass – Colour and Light

Monday 5th August 2024 for 4 days — Cost: £240

Tutor: Nicola Kantorowicz

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Working with traditional tools and materials, learn how to make stained glass.

Everyone will learn how to prepare a cutline template, cut glass, assemble the pieces together with lead, solder and cement a panel. Tuition will be through group demonstrations and individual guidance.

Beginners will start with an exercise to make a small leaded panel. Throughout the course you will be able to work on a variety of projects which include:-

  • A leaded glass panel – use coloured glass to make a hanging panel
  • A lantern – make copper foil panels to fit into a lantern.
  • A garden panel - finished with steel and zinc this can be placed in the garden border.

You may choose to work from a selection of prepared designs or work from your own ideas. This course is suitable for beginners and those who wish to work on their own project with expert guidance.

Material Costs to Students:

All tools and materials are provided by the tutor and you will be charged for each item you make:-

  • A4 panel - £28
  • A3 panel - £48
  • Garden panel - £45
  • Copper foil lantern - £38

Please Bring With You:

  • Small amount of plasticine – not Blu Tack
  • Masking tape
  • Small hammer
  • An apron and rubber gloves for cementing
  • A few old cloth rags for cleaning glass and some newspaper
  • Protective eye glasses to wear when glass cutting
  • Please wear closed shoes, glass gets in sandals

Finally! If you want to make a garden panel or a lantern, please let me know so that I can supply the lantern and the glazing board and zincs for the garden piece.

For other leaded panels I will supply glazing boards which measure 35cm x 52cm. If you want to make anything larger or longer you will need to supply your own chipboard.

If you want specific glass colours, you may need to buy them yourself from a stained-glass supplier. Contact me for advice.

Please Note:

Good manual dexterity is required.
As we are using lead this course is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant.

Website: www.nicolakantorowicz.com