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Debbie Page

Fascinated by the Moon, inspired by Korean and Japanese ceramics, compelled to coil clay and explore the possibilities with colour and smoke.

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by the Moon and space exploration– in no small part due to the Apollo Moon mission in the 1960s. I still give a little salute to a full Moon saying “Hi Neil” after Neil Armstrong family’s request after his death. My Granny would turn her coins over in her purse at the full Moon so it appears I’ve swapped one superstitious act for another! I’m also a firm Star Trek and Dr Who fan.

My pottery is hand built using coils and hemi-spherical moulds.  I usually use white earthenware clay although I have been experimenting with porcelain recently, and a small palette of crackle glazes. Glaze is applied using natural sponges.  I occasionally open up the spherical form by tearing the leather hard clay, exposing the interior of the sphere, giving another surface to play with.

I first became interested in Japanese ceramics during my City & Guild’s certificate, when I learnt about the Jomon pottery. Jomon pottery dates from about 18,000 years ago and is credited with being the first functional ceramics made by humans (although there are some finds in central China which may be older).

As part of my City & Guilds qualification we were required to make a “lidded, handled, pouring vessel” – a Teapot to you and me. Teapots are a wonderful challenge to make and I have made many over the years, from the standard ‘Brown Bessy’ shape to ones with elephants trunks and pig tails. I have been hooked ever since!

My work is available from my website shop and I take part in Oxfordshire Art Weeks, Henley Art Trail and other open studio events. I am a member of the London Potters, Oxfordshire Craft Guide and West Forest Potters.

I have a City & Guilds Diploma in Creative Techniques: Ceramics. I teach adult education classes at Woodley Hill House, Woodley and New Directions college, Reading, and freelance workshops at Ardington School of Craft and Micklem’s Farm.

Website: www.debbiepage.co.uk

Contact information: debbiepageceramics@gmail.com

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