Oxford Summer School

Oxford Summer School 2024

Oxford Summer School offers a wide range of art and craft courses, personally tutored on-site by experienced professionals who are well-known in the Art & Craft world. Our courses are suitable for a broad range of abilities and experience. All courses are priced at £60 per day.

Summer School 2024 will run from Monday 5th August to Saturday 10th August with Saturday set aside for one-day classes. There are lots of new classes in 2024 which are shown with a

Classes make great gifts, so consider buying one for a friend or relative as a special present.

All classes are held at The Oxford Academy in Littlemore, OX4 6JZ which has parking and is also accessible via public transport.

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Courses for 2024

Courses A-Z Tutor Start Date Days Cost
A Bird in a Hoop Suzette Smart Sat 10th Aug 1 £60
A Little Book of Fabrics Caroline Marriott Mon 5th Aug 3 £180
Abstract Sea - Print: Place: Stitch Amanda Hislop Mon 5th Aug 3 £180
An Introduction to French Ronde Calligraphy Gwyneth Hibbett Fri 9th Aug 1 £60
An Introduction to Marbling Janey Whitehorn Thu 8th Aug 2 £120
Artist’s Books, Zines and Instant Books Penny Maltby Mon 5th Aug 3 £180
Asymetric Baskets Richard Kerwood Mon 5th Aug 1 £60
Batik inspired by John Piper Jenny O'Leary Tue 6th Aug 2 £120
Batik inspired by Plants and Seedpods Jenny O'Leary Thu 8th Aug 2 £120
Batik on Tissue inspired by Trees Jenny O'Leary Sat 10th Aug 1 £60
Botanical Illustration Valerie Price Mon 5th Aug 5 £300
Building Up the Surface - Creating a Concertina Sketchbook Polly Woolstone Mon 5th Aug 1 £60
Building Up the Surface - From Sketchbook to Finished Piece Polly Woolstone Thu 8th Aug 2 £120
Chinese Brush Painting Desmond Chung Sat 10th Aug 1 £60
Chinese Brush Painting, “The Way of the Brush” Jean M Turton Tue 6th Aug 2 £120
Drawing for the Terrified Richard Box Mon 5th Aug 2 £120
Embroidered Moroccan Mosaics Lucy Burton Thu 8th Aug 1 £60
Expressionistic Landscapes in Acrylic David Bannister Sat 10th Aug 1 £60
Expressionistic Landscapes in Acrylic (Thu) David Bannister Thu 8th Aug 1 £60
Expressive Surfaces Print, Paint and Collage Jo Dixon Mon 5th Aug 4 £240
Felted Barn Owl Sarah Richards Wed 7th Aug 2 £120
Floral Still Life in Oils or Acrylics Lucy Burton Wed 7th Aug 1 £60
Flourished Lettering Alex Gonaldi Wed 7th Aug 1 £60
Free Machine Embroidery for Beginners Anne Griffiths Thu 8th Aug 1 £60
From Truth to Abstraction in Mixed Media Jane Strother Mon 5th Aug 5 £300
Garden with Paint Print and Stitch Angie Hughes Mon 5th Aug 5 £300
Get lost in Paper Marbling Janey Whitehorn Sat 10th Aug 1 £60
Get lost in Paper Marbling (Wed) Janey Whitehorn Wed 7th Aug 1 £60
Introduction to Straw Work Penny Maltby Fri 9th Aug 1 £60
Journey into the Past with Our Pinhole Photography Workshop! John A. Blythe Sat 10th Aug 1 £60
Kawandi Christine Green Tue 6th Aug 2 £120
Life Drawing Basics: Understanding the Human Form Ella Clocksin Mon 5th Aug 2 £120
Life Drawing: Experimental and Expressive Ella Clocksin Wed 7th Aug 3 £180
Make A Simple Frame Basket In A Day Richard Kerwood Sat 10th Aug 1 £60
Making Pictures in Free Motion Machine Embroidery Linda Miller Wed 7th Aug 3 £180
Moon Jars Debbie Page Sat 10th Aug 1 £60
Nature Inspired Fabric Screenprinting Liam Biswell Sat 10th Aug 1 £60
One Step Away From Realism in Oils Kevin Scully Mon 5th Aug 2 £120
Pastel Portraits Mandy Clark Sat 10th Aug 1 £60
Print and Print and Make a Pinny Alison Hulme Thu 8th Aug 2 £120
Shoreline: colour placement with hand stitch Amanda Hislop Fri 9th Aug 1 £60
Singalong a Showstopper Jenni Matthews Mon 5th Aug 2 £120
Sketchbook Development- Observations and Experimentation Amanda Hislop Sat 10th Aug 1 £60
Stained Glass – Colour and Light Nicola Kantorowicz Mon 5th Aug 4 £240
Sustainable Camera-less Photography John A. Blythe Mon 5th Aug 3 £180
Table Top Jewellery Making Sara Withers Mon 5th Aug 2 £120
Texture in Watercolour Kevin Scully Wed 7th Aug 1 £60
There Are No Rules In Watercolour Kevin Scully Thu 8th Aug 2 £120
Treasure Boxes with Collage and Stitch Suzette Smart Thu 8th Aug 2 £120
Weaving on a Wheel Polly Woolstone Tue 6th Aug 2 £120
Willow for Garden Enhancement Richard Kerwood Tue 6th Aug 1 £60

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